Résumé: Nathaniel Courtens

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 Film Production Awards & Recognition:
"Devil's Playground" won Best Cinematography Award at the New York International Independent Film Festival and received
Honorable Mention from the Columbus International Film Festival. "Devil's Playground" secured foreign distribution in 1999 through Riden International.
Regional nomination for the Student Academy Award in 1992, for the documentary "FRED".
First Prize for "Fred" Film Contest at Brooks (1992).
Dore Sharey Award Nomination (1992).
Winner of Brooks Institute of Photography Photo-Portfolio Contest (1991).

 Film Production Work:
Green Circle - Documentary by Lane Clark (Video, 24 min., 1999)
Teaching technique for schools with children of diverse ethnic background.
Credit: Assistant Editor/Technician
Corporate image video for Cisco Systems - by Brainstorm Creative (color, 16mm, 1998.)
Credit: Executive Producer for the filming in Morocco. Also produced all "on-screen" computer related website elements for the film.
Devil's Playground - Psychological Drama (color, 35mm, 103 min., 1997)
Credit: Producer, Writer, Director, Editor, Supervising Sound Editor and Mixer, Postproduction Supervisor.
How To - Instructional Video - Pharmaceutical Company. (Video, 36 min. 1995)
Credit: Cinematographer, Camera Operator.
Phil Sobel - Documentary. (b&w, 16mm, 14 min., 1994)
Portrait of a musician living in LA.
Credit: Cinematographer and Camera Operator.
Integrity - Suspense film, bank robbery (color, 16mm, 24 min.1994)
Credit: Assistant Editor and Mix Supervisor.
Democracy In America - Experimental film (color, 16mm, 16 min., 1994)
Credit: Camera Operator.
Charles Bussy - Documentary. (b&w, 16mm, 15 min., 1993)
Portrait of an Afro-American writer and U.S. veteran.
Credit: Cinematographer and Camera Operator.
Lint Trap - Children's suspense film (color, 16mm, 25 min., 1993)
Credit: Camera Operator.
Fred - Documentary. (b&w, 16mm, 15 min., 1992)
Personal portrait of an Afro-American who has retired from the marines. Film focuses on his opinions and unique personality.
Credit: Director, Cinematographer, Camera Operator, and Editor.
The Chase - Action suspense short (b&w, 16mm, 1 min.1992)
Credit: Director, Camera Operator and Editor.